Book news, gratitude, and fair warnings…

Okay, this is what happens when you hide from your own blog because it feels like a Sock Puppet Production.  You end up with a list.

I feel like there's something inside me that wants to reach out and grab the...

First off, I want to express my deep gratitude to Oregon Literary Arts for naming Zazen as a finalist for the Oregon Book Award Ken Kesey Prize for fiction.

I looked like this just yesterday

They said I was a finalist for life so I might just chip that into the rock over my grave 80 years from now.

your name here

And I would like to announce that Zazen will finally appear in French! At some point in 2013 éditions Lot 49/ cherche midi will translate and release the book and I plan to be there to watch.

Because the foreign translations will be attached to the gravestone by a chain.

I start French lessons tomorrow.

I think if I could speak French I could look like this

And…I will be at AWP and reading in Chicago, reading in Portland, reading in Astoria, reading to myself in my room…more on all of it soon.

Sock puppet.

I am in control. Drop the fish.

…and just because I felt the need for one more sock puppet to describe my internal process…

Who knew my months of working in the Amazon warehouse would yield so many words……

I have plunged into the seedy world of nonfiction. Deep lake. Dark waters. I’ve no idea which way the bubbles are going….BUT The Atlantic was kind enough to take a chance on me and publish a piece I wrote about my time trying to start a union drive in the Amazon warehouse. Click on the picture of the stack of Atlantic Monthlies below to go to the article directly.

I am not in this issue

We shall see where such things lead. I have long been simultaneously drawn to and terrified of long form nonfiction. And I have a lot of ideas, but I will spare you all. For now.

And….Portlanders. I am reading tonight at the Blue Monk. Click on the image for more details.

I'm actually reading at a bar called The Bue Monk and not on a piece of sheet music...

Michele Tea’s infamous RADAR reading series…and unsolvable font problems AAAHHHH!!!!

People of the Bay Area. If you are not actively involved in occupying something (a bank, a dock, your life…) at 6pm on Thursday Nov 17th, I would love to see you at the San Francisco Public Library where I will be reading with other amazing people for Michele Tea’s RADAR reading series.

Click gender neutral reader for details or follow this link

On other fronts, I am working on novel number 2 in the southwest and spending a lot of time in the desert. I am starting to think that the more time you spend  in Arroyos, the less you really need to write novels. Jury is out on that. Suffice to say it is easy to get lost in your mind. Or it is for me. Here are some things I saw…

The World Tree

More proof that other people lived here

The Southwest version of "Kilroy Was Here"

Regarding the habit of stacking rocks, it seems to be a bit obsessive…but that’s just an outsider’s view. I saw a carefully raked Zen sand garden with deep gouges crisscrossing the sand where a puppy had run through it. That was pretty cool. And of course, very Zen.

the natural death of another World Tree

I climbed up a mesa and walked several miles out into a bowl of land in the high desert and I never wanted to come back. I certainly didn’t want to come back to the disturbing slowness of an unformed novel. When I was a young and dumb artist, I loved the beginnings of things. All the energy was there, the possibility. But now the beginning just feels like wading through mud and reeds when you just want to get out t the ocean and swim. I have to say, I long for water that’s well over my head.

Porchlight in San Francisco–the special Litquake edition

My afternoon at WORDSTOCK with Charle Yu was pure joy. That sure is a nice, talented man. Everyone should buy his book. I’m in the middle of reading it and can’t stop.

this is a porchlight

This morning I fly to San Francisco to be a part of the iconic Porchlight Story telling series where, though I’ll surely be outclassed, I plan to enjoy myself enormously. If you are in the SF area and want to come see the show the details are here:

Next up–WORDSTOCK and then on to San Francisco…

I will be reading this coming Sunday at WORDSTOCK.

click image for link to details or read on...

And according to the schedule I will be reading with the amazing Charles Yu.

Mr. Yu wrote this book.

There are two things of which I am not sure in all of this.

1) I don’t know what “reading with” means. I kind of hope it’s a bizarre 1960s-retro-dada-french experimental theater kind of thing where we each sit on the stage facing away from the audience simultaneously reciting passages from our book while stock  footage of tanks runs on the overhead screen.

by there is a lot of red in this post. Must be the alienated fires of transformation burning...

But somehow, I think this is not what they meant when they said that Charles Yu and I were reading together. I think they meant that we are psychologically paired, which I consider a high compliment, and that our audiences share something in common. Other than venue. Anyway, he’s great and so get there early enough to see him. It’s this Sunday and I go on at 3pm. Charles Yu is at 2pm.

2) The second thing I am unsure of is why WORDSTOCK is always capitalized. I mean, I understand why they do it, for branding. But why do I do it?

Next post, on to the Bay Area where I will get to tell a story at the inimitable Porchlight Storytelling series for their special Litquake edition…

Lord! what a whirlwind of days

Due to the amount of cool events and stuff (Why, what a lovely and particular word you’ve landed on Ms Veselka, so elegant and descriptive: stuff…) I get to do over these net few weeks, I am go to post them separately in a stream so that they each get the attention they deserve.

And so I don’t get so overwhelmed and freaked out that I burrow into the mud.

if I'm very still they'll think I'm a...I'm a...worm burrowing--wait, this isn't smart at all.

So first up on this little glory train is…The Nervous Breakdown and Wordstock event this Monday  (October 3rd) at the Bunk Bar in Portland Oregon!

like movie stars!

And if you can;t read the details…go here

…and more great events to come. I am so very lucky and truly, truly grateful for all of this.