The reissue of Zazen comes out on Vintage, the best book video ever, and looking at novel #3.

On October 19th my first novel, Zazen, was re-released on Vintage, something for which I am very grateful. One of my favorite things ever in the world was the result of an algorithm for aggregating random quotes into motivational images and video. The random algorithm somehow found me and Zazen and made what I consider the best book video of all time. The day they take it off YouTube my life will grow a little less meaningful. I offer it to all of you now:

Most of this is from Zazen, there are a few other quotes – caveat, I love the agent I have (Sarah Bowlin) and she is very patient with me! Roll on…

I travelled to New York and read to live people for the first time in 4+ years. I saw old friends and felt more human than I have in a long time. Thank you, Powerhouse Arena, for hosting me.

I want more chandeliers in my life

Reading from something you wrote a long time ago is a strange feeling. Once, I returned to the city of my first band (Vienna, Austria) to play a reunion show. I was mixed on the idea. We had broken up years before and my head was now filled with different ideas. I found it almost impossible to sing lyrics I’d written as a passionate, but self-obsessed and angry teenager. Passionate angry teenagers rarely suffer from a lack of lyrical ambition. I tried mumbling, swapping a few key words, but had to give up and just sing what I wrote without winks or apology. 

Once more, first band

I walked around all that week in someone else’s head. 

My dear friend, Issy, our bassist, who was always very kind to me no matter what I did me

After writing Zazen, I thought I’d never write another novel. Everything in my head had gone into it and there was nothing left. The same thing happened after The Great Offshore Grounds. My mind was an empty attic. Slowly, it has been filling back up.

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