The Tin House Summer Workshop, readings, writings, detritus…

A long and overdue (if brief) update…

I am pleased to say that I have the privilege of teaching at the 2014 Tin House Summer Writer’s Workshop this week. There are so many remarkable poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, readings, panels–if you are in Portland and want to know the details of events, click the image below.

Click image for more info about reading and panels

Click image for more info about reading and panels

I will be reading this Sunday evening with Lacy Johnson, Peter Mountford, and Bianca Stone at the Cerf Amphitheater on the Reed Campus. Starts at 8pm and goes fast–best to be on time for the sunset.800px-Cerf_Amphitheatre-1,_Reed_College

I have been spending recent months in various projects, writing about Tlingits and Russians and Battles of the early 1800s…MMyersBattle…because you can’t just believe everything you read that’s written by dead, old, white men, though they did have a habit of sketching forts with some accuracy…300px-Lisianski_Sapling_Fort_Sketch_1804                                                                     …they don’t always win just because they say they do…Robe

…And I’ve been writing about painters and porn and dungeons & dragons and death, and even got to roll up a thoroughly mediocre character with lousy hit points and play with the world’s best GM in the old school way that I like best…


More to come on all fronts. Happy summer, happy fall.

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