Next up–WORDSTOCK and then on to San Francisco…

I will be reading this coming Sunday at WORDSTOCK.

click image for link to details or read on...

And according to the schedule I will be reading with the amazing Charles Yu.

Mr. Yu wrote this book.

There are two things of which I am not sure in all of this.

1) I don’t know what “reading with” means. I kind of hope it’s a bizarre 1960s-retro-dada-french experimental theater kind of thing where we each sit on the stage facing away from the audience simultaneously reciting passages from our book while stock  footage of tanks runs on the overhead screen.

by there is a lot of red in this post. Must be the alienated fires of transformation burning...

But somehow, I think this is not what they meant when they said that Charles Yu and I were reading together. I think they meant that we are psychologically paired, which I consider a high compliment, and that our audiences share something in common. Other than venue. Anyway, he’s great and so get there early enough to see him. It’s this Sunday and I go on at 3pm. Charles Yu is at 2pm.

2) The second thing I am unsure of is why WORDSTOCK is always capitalized. I mean, I understand why they do it, for branding. But why do I do it?

Next post, on to the Bay Area where I will get to tell a story at the inimitable Porchlight Storytelling series for their special Litquake edition…

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