Lord! what a whirlwind of days

Due to the amount of cool events and stuff (Why, what a lovely and particular word you’ve landed on Ms Veselka, so elegant and descriptive: stuff…) I get to do over these net few weeks, I am go to post them separately in a stream so that they each get the attention they deserve.

And so I don’t get so overwhelmed and freaked out that I burrow into the mud.

if I'm very still they'll think I'm a...I'm a...worm burrowing--wait, this isn't smart at all.

So first up on this little glory train is…The Nervous Breakdown and Wordstock event this Monday  (October 3rd) at the Bunk Bar in Portland Oregon!

like movie stars!

And if you can;t read the details…go here http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/gharrison/2011/08/tnble-portland-10311/

…and more great events to come. I am so very lucky and truly, truly grateful for all of this.

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