Follow Me Down by Kio Stark is the book I mentioned on OPB this morning…

I was on the radio this morning. I wore eyeliner. I don;t know why. It was radio. I put on lipstick, too. After saying what I had to say, comments went up on the OPB blog. One person suggested I read Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth. They thought it might help. Help? Another person wondered if I had found what I was looking for…Welcome to Oregon! You sure got a perdy mouth! Seriously, the genuine concern for my psycho-spiritual well being is touching. Sort of. More importantly, here is the novel I quoted from, Kio Stark’s debut, Follow Me Down.

Just out on Red Lemonade!

And here’s the cover of Power of Myth…

Help! I fall prey to female sterotypes!

I like Joe. Like Kurt Vonnegut, Howard Zinn, and Noam Chomsky, he really mapped out some of the better sides of the Post WW II cultural DMZ. But as far as religious reading, as far as life-changing dogmas and spiritual epiphanies go….Give me Keith!and of course


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