The library lion tattoo has arrived!

Next week Zazen will be officially released (yes, I know it has been on the shelves since May 1) and I will go to Book Expo America to celebrate, read for strangers, and hang out in the Red Lemonade booth. But I am taking the NY Public library lion with me.

This is what the real lion looks like…

defender of librarianans' hearts (as mentioned before)

Several months back I wrote that I was planning to get my Library of Congress catalog number tattooed on my arm. And I did! My lion looks like this….

also willing to defend librarians (once the redness and swelling goes down)

and so while I am nervous and excited about going to BEA and reading in front of strangers and drinking too much coffee, at least I will have an intimidating lion at my side.


    1. It’s Fortitude. I put it on my right arm because it felt the most natural so it gets mistaken (reasonably) for Patience because that matches their orientation at the Library. I live in Portland but I grew up in the west village. NY Public library will always feel like my home library.

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