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Just a month ago I was poking fun at the Japanese for their particularity and coded rules, their rigidity and obsession with tradition. Now, after the tsunami, I am an in awe of the grace the Japanese have brought to a horrific situation. Their sense of collective duty, stoicism, and bravery in facing their future has floored me.

If a similar event happened here, there would have been riots in the donut aisle the second they ran out of Boston Creams.

No Boston Cream = bunker

Maybe there’s something to be said for standing in line and stoicism. For looking at oneself as a people, rather than as a collection of warring subcultures.

My deepest bow to the country of Japan and its people.

Okay. I stole the photo.

American coverage of the event has ranged from self-obsession with people tracking wind patterns to to see what minute degrees of radiation might make it across the water–hint: not as much as people are actually dealing with in reality somewhere else–to obtuse and ridiculous..


uh… yes?


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