A Cascade of Wonderful News

Zazen to be published in French!
Everything in France looks like this

ZAZEN will finally be available in print—but first in French!  Zanzibar Editions, (http://www.zanzibar-editions.com) a critically acclaimed French publishing house, picked up ZAZEN after reading it on Arthur.com and is translating it for release September 2011. ZAZEN will debut at the height of the French literary season a period called la rentreé littéraire.

This is how one online literary critic described the rentrée litteraire:

“My favorite time of year in France is the literary rentrée. This is when the new works from France’s best writers (and/or translators in the case of foreign titles) hit the shelves. Typically, between 600- 800 new books are published during the annual rentrée littéraire.  This year there are 700 novels and 200 essays being featured. Publishing is France’s largest cultural industry- between 300 and 400 million books are sold in France each year- and the rentrée littéraire is the most important period in the publishing year.”

Note: my work will not appear in the Louvre

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