ZAZEN to be published in 2011 !!!!!

I am a terrible web-logger. The only thing I do worse is copyedit,. However, when there is news, there is news. While I understand that the bulk of my site traffic is people looking up Elric the Stormbringer

dear god, Johnny, not another blues solo!

or creepy dudes typing in “mother+daughter+sex.” Excuse me—How did you find me through that??? Wait a minute. I don’t want to know.

Still, I feel compelled to tell you all that….ZAZEN IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED IN 2011!!!!!…and I’m not even going to have to pay for the privilege. Not only that but it will be in at least 2 languages and one of them is my native tongue, English! Yay!!!

First, came the French.

I'm sorry, was that your shoe?
the search for legibility continues despite...

In the US I will be working with a man I respect enormously, Richard Nash. I will post details another time but for now I am just celebrating.

Here’s my favorite question so far this week: “What are your ideas about the cover? We need to get it to sales reps by late August.”

I asked my daughter if I should dedicate the novel to her and she said to wait until I did something real like a book for kids. Ouch. Now, I have to write a kids book.

as told by Vanessa Veselka

And so my darling, when the killer comet smashed into the earth cleaving off chunks of iron, oxygen, silicon, and nickel the size of the Pacific Ocean and throwing them into space but gravity trapped the Runaway Bunny planetary fragments and wore them down through spin and pressure because, no matter how you try, you can’t really get away. But she’s a beauty, isn’t she? The moon? Now sleep well my darling…

I should probably avoid children’s stories. Actually, I’m not such a materialist as all that. This ends my post for now. Back to night cab and summer in Portland, Oregon. OH! I almost forgot. My goth band Nitebrite had a cd release. We are marked by low ambition but still, it’s an act of love.

We also made a ‘behind the music’ series in which Greta Geisha opens up about the trials and triumphs of living the goth lifestyle.



  1. two beers and reading your blog posts make for a great afternoon. Also, your SoS~goth discussion … I think I need beer number three 🙂

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