Free show! Saturday May 8th in Portland, Oregon

I will be reading at The Waypost in Portland, Oregon on Sat May 8th. Show is free and runs from 7-10pm.

The Waypost
3120 North Williams Avenue
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 367-3182

Here are the other performers….

Stefan Jecusco, recently back from the land of the dead, will sing songs from the Museum of Purgatory and other Great Halls and Temples accompanied only by the goats and eagles of Godless Moravia.

jolie will not be here but, in her place, a strange new fiddle emerges

Dan Nelson is a visual artist, musician, and writer best known for the book “All Known Metal Bands.” He’s currently at work on a large series of sculptures illustrating the fragments of Blaise Pascal.

you know you want it

SQUIM, aka Chris Phillips, is an obsessive recordist living in Portland, Oregon. His first release on Olde English Spelling Bee received favorable reviews and was on WFMU DJ Brian Turner’s  ‘best of’  list. His drone and soundscores have elements of early krautrock and distill some of the strangeness around us.  His latest can be found here:

ask him yourself

As with most Godless Moravia shows it will be a ‘choose your own experience event.’

maybe this
maybe that
Music and readings in a seemingly incompatible mix. The line up is below. There will also be secret special guests and instruments that are new to the planet.

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