Night cab and geology, again

I have had very little writing time, what with driving night cab 50 hours a week. What I have had has not gone into ‘blogging.’

great hunters of the past just before they took up farming

This morning, while thinking over the issue of perspective in relation to ‘Deep Time’ I was struck by how difficult it is to even recognize temporal reality. I looked over all the geological time charts and noticed that almost all of them dived the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic into blocks of equal size.  My question is…is this to quell fear of our own geological insignificance? Or are we just a species haunted by the though of trapped white space on a page? Are we driven by mortality or the tenets of graphic design?

color coded for easier navigation of mass extinctions

One of the reasons I am a terrible blogger (other than he fact that I do not post frequently) is that I have a tendency to write about things which interest nobody. This will probably not improve. Next issue: a defense of H.Rider Haggard.

“No one puts Baby in the corner,” an ode to the Imperial Subject failing to break up at the point of reconstructing masculinity

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