writing on the fray of the literary apocalypse

All artists are supposed to zen masters when it comes to disappointment, politely glum or graceful in the face of platitudes about being redeemed by posterity. Let me be the first to say that I am sick of being disappointed. I also  dislike the idea that the solution is lowering expectations. Here are three things I do when I get a rejection on a story or from an agent or whatever….

1) cry or sulk.

2) tell everybody I know so they can be mad for me.

3) start writing immediately.

voodoo naptime

It has become essential for me over the years to have a consistent stream of creative projects so that I am deep in one when I am getting response to the other. I find it impossible to start a new project when I am down, but I can insulate myself (and therefore my creativity) by having one going actively when I get turned down for something. I am also considering something more voodoo-centric as a response. Feel free to email suggestions.

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