funny how if you add 60 hours of work to your week your writing stops

I was feeling bad, frustrated that I wasn’t getting anything I liked out of writing and wondering why I was having such a had time these past few weeks. Then it occurred to me that adding 60 hours of work into  your schedule every week changes the dynamic. Just a little. The problem is, I still have to figure it out. I thought about writing my next novel through lucid dreaming but I barely dream as it is so that seems unlikely. Recently I have had the insight that I use early characters like shock troops. They scout out the new world and are then sacrificed to it in some bizarre literary ritual where it becomes apparent that it isn’t going to be that kind of story, i.e., on that includes characters like them. These are my late, late night thoughts. I’d be driving my cab but the computer system went down. At this late hour, I m even more anti-paragraph.

lucid dreaming and the novel

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