Two things I did yesterday that I have never done before. Both, signals of glory

1) I operated the MDT (taxicab computer system) and punched in all the codes while my trainer drove through suburbs without streetlights. It was eerily like my girlhood habit of chewing blotter and watching Repo Man. Randomly, he sprayed the air with Country Garden air freshener. We stopped only for car deodorant “trees” and Churros.

off-gassing social harmony
the key to long shifts is a nutritious snack
sometimes it's better to be outside the car while training?

(trapped white space–take that all you graphic designers!)

2) I had my golden earrings melted down for gold, which had sort of an “end of days” charm.

now going for $1128 an ounce!

It wasn’t so bad. There was even a thrill to it, somehow. I felt like I was affecting archeology. And now I can get a Thomas guide and pay my first night’s lease.

As far as the writing goes… the second novel is continuing, the reading for Oregon Literary Review went well, and I have gotten over my reticence and put the word out that I am looking for an agent. Or at least sketchy literary tour guide.

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