Job Interviews, Readings, Tattoos…

Today I have three main goals: do well at my job interview for Radiocab, be stoic in the tattoo shop when they recolor my hand, and prepare for my reading tomorrow night for the Oregon Literary Review. Shall I prepare for my reading like this?

make of the body a vessel
give reading
Explore franchise opportunities

And as for the job interview–use psychic powers to envision myself in cab…..

So Portland!

Okay, okay. The real reading info is below. If you live in Portland, please come to the reading tomorrow night. There are some great writers reading.

Oregon Literary Review co-hosts First Wednesdays, a series of readings, performances and wine-tasting at the Blackbird Wine Shop, 4323 NE Fremont, 7-9pm. This show is 21 and over. Contact Julie Mae Madsen at for more information.

The readers for January 6 are Vanessa Veselka, Frayn Masters, Kari Luna, Andy Diaz

Kari Luna is writer, musician, yoga teacher and resident whimsicologist. Her copywriting work (a.k.a. Happy Little Atom) has been seen in magazines, televisions, and browsers around the world. And her bands are all famous in Europe, of course. Kari hails from Texas but lives in Portland, Oregon where almost everyone, much to her delight, wears striped knee socks. She’s working on a lifelong degree in whimsicology and THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING is her first novel. You can find her online at

Vanessa Veselka is a writer and musician living in Portland, Oregon. She has been, at various times, a teenage runaway, a sex-worker, a union organizer, a student of paleontology, an expatriate, an independent record label owner, a train-hopper, a waitress and a mother. Her work has appeared in Bust, Bitch, Maximum Rock ’n’ Roll, Yeti Magazine and Tin House. Zazen, her first novel, has been serialized by Arthur Magazine. 

Andy Diaz is the owner operator of Blackbird Wineshop. His writing appears weekly in the shop newsletter. In an attempt to reinvent himself, he has played jazz trumpet, surfed the oceans, and become a wine merchant that he is today. His latest story, How To Escape NY During a Catastrophe and Where to Eat Along the Way, is a guide to the tragic escapist. You might recognize him as the sidekick to Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations: Puerto Rico. He might deny it.

Frayn Masters writing has appeared online and in tangible journals including Hobart, McSweeney’s, Spork and MonkeyBicycle along with the anthologies Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists, Number One Fan, and Northwest Edge III. She currently co-hosts and co-produces the super sweet storytelling series Back Fence PDX, and is the bespectacled half of the funny, smart sketch comedy duo Eastland Academy.

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