Writing on what? A popular vote–a straw poll?

I sat down several times this past week and tried to work on my second novel. Unfortunately, I have completely forgotten what it is I ever liked about it. I know I’ve been over this ground.

wait a mintue! This looks familiar...I think I've been here before.

So I sat down, as usual, to work and hated it all the more, which is strange because I loved it only a month ago and now I can’t tell which instinct is right. The problem, I think, with getting better at writing is that craft can muddy the simple question–should this story even be told? Is it worth the time. Is it worth 2-3 years of your life? I have no answer. So I’m altering the question. If books were pictures, and the ideas below were three directions I have in mind, which would you pick?

seek faith and its cure simultaneously?
Give in to guilty pleasures?
Lash myself to the wheel?

Feel free to bet on your dog.


  1. My own attraction would be to the story behind picture no. 1 though does it risk being too well trod?. I have a personal aversion to ‘sword fantasy’ stuff but you might do better financially on that one and crack open a potential yet to be explored, the third has definite potential though, maybe even a tie in with pic one–they both involve tents possibly…who knows? Based on what previous, sure you could make interest out of anything. No help at all. lucky i don’t have a dog. Another option: teen girl, raised in wild, maintains a telepathic relationship with mythic creature(s) this might work for 2. May your torment be exquisite.

    1. all good insights. Basically…tipping my hand, the first is a short story collection, the second is a YA somewhat Buddhist thriller with an eternal teenager who remembers all her past lives, hates everyone and has to prevent the Bardo/afterlife from being colonized by psychos who have given up on this world (I started it for fun because I wanted to try writing something light–this is, it turns out, s light as I get). The third picture is the second novel, which takes place in Vienna and is mostly about friendship and art. It is the least showy of the potential projects for sure.

      BY THE WAY, thanks for the offer of sending the book. I would love it.

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