Ghostwriting and why I had hoped it would be writing about ghosts

My attentions have turned to ghostwriting as a potential career. As it has been pointed out to me by Jay Babcock and others that I am a lousy copyeditor, ghostwriting seems to be a better option. My questions is, though, why can’t it really be writing about ghosts?

since I see them anyway

Instead of web copy, I asked myself, why can’t I write science fiction or Gothic Romance? Or better yet, combine the Gothic Romance with the Imperial Gothic that’s in my head and write the Imperial Gothic Romance.

waiting kills
something from everybody--like the harlequin's costume, only sewn together with human sinew

surely, there is a match here just waiting t be made. Something beyond dystopic love stories, badlands romances, etc…

In truth though, I really would like to write a star trek book–or better yet! Red Sonja come back. Why hasn’t that happened? Someone pay me to do it and I’ll make her a neo-primitivist nordic samurai chick. What’s sexier than that? 15,000 and you get a series complete with rune magic and a dianic cult of greek villainesses. (sp?)

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