ZAZEN in final week of series…

ZAZEN in final week of series…yes, it’s true. Thanks to everyone who has read any of it ever. THANK YOU THANK YOU. And double thanks to Arthur magazine for having faith in it and giving it so much attention and care. I am truly grateful.  Now if I can only find a way to support myself–anybody know someone who needs a waitress in Portland OR?

Regrading my college career, I am proud to have achieved both archetypes needed for academic enlightenment:

the benefit of career counseling
I think I can be an actor


  1. I’ve enjoyed the bits I’ve read a lot and am saving myself for a print publication…so I can really get into it all at once…I thought I read that it would be coming out in print but now I’m can’t remember where…I hope so! If you get a chance let me know and I’ll be all over it! Thanks,,,,Jeff

  2. acting is a physical language. the hardest part is knowing where to put your hands while speaking. i think you could be an actor!


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