The Future, a bright and shining crack between now and the hereafter…

ZAZEN is in its last week now and I am in my final week of school and my daughter is in her final week of being six-years-old.  I marvel at the propensity the mind has for tying unrelated tings together with grammar. Leaving school does seem like a stepping off a cliff. It’s not like I’m going to intern for one of my Dad’s companies (He’s a communist with a 4-year-old in Pittsburgh) and it’s not as if I can do something useful like fix pipes. The problem, of course, is me. I can imagine being a million things but I can’t imagine doing any of them everyday. Ack! I need a lucrative hobby. Something to do when I’m not writing and playing music. Like taking a bath, only with $1800 a month.

travelling salesman
herbal healer