Hazard Maps and the Streets of Paris

Well, now. There is only one week to go on ZAZEN. Regarding this weeks posts on Arthur, I have to admit that the idea of soil stabilzation methods did not originally strike me as very sexy one. I came up with the idea because I was thinking–how do you take out a transmission tower in this strange world I have created? I wasn’t so concerned that it was a good idea, only that it was a possible, if desperate thing for Della to have considered. She herself doubts its soundness (note, writer hedging bets). However, once I came up with it I began to research whether one could destabilize land with explosives on non-coherent soil. Strangely enough, I found a whole power point/ research paper on it, which is where I got the specifics. Guess where it was written? Go on! Do guess!Yes, Della’s alma mater….

a great place if you're really into liquefaction

I took it as a sign. But then, that’s always been my problem. Still….strange, no? The FEMA maps are also real.

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