Once again ladies and gentlemen…the Head of John the Baptist

ch 15 (The Head of John the Baptist) is going up within hours AND there is a youtube clip of me reading it.

Why? Because Mike Daily, a Portland writer, thought it would be cool and took some of his own sweet time to come over and record me reading.

I only wish I had had enough time to wash my hair.

As far as this chapter goes….it has one of my favorite scenes.

Salome discovers the freedom to creatively accesorize

I’m not saying that all female relationships are constructed by decapitation on the fraying edge of empire, just that the skirt works.

Really though, the scene where the Head of John the Baptist gets destroyed was a pleasure to write.Difficult and antagonistic women figuring out what they think of each other is a favorite subject of mine.

And so is Bubble Tea, which Della has very strong feelings about, but which I don’t mind at all.

something to look forward to=a neoliberal band-aid

Mirror’s continues to plan her enormous sex party but is stricken by two competing potential realities….

the perineum sisters do it again!
NAFTA dreamboat


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