More ZAZEN up on Arthur! and some musings on my future…Things are coming my way

Chapter 13 of ZAZEN “Manifestation” is up today on Arthur and begins a pretty intense part of the novel. The rise of the Rat Queen. On weds there will be a youtube of me reading chapter 15 (The Head of John the Baptist) posted simultaneously with the pdf. A friend, writer Mike Daily, had the idea that people might want to hear/ see me read and was kind enough to record me doing so. BUT there’s a spoiler alert on it.

thoughts on my future….

a diagram of my future

Several years ago in the depths of a really disconcerting, persistent poverty, I found a record cover by a band from the mid/late 70s called The Fiction Brothers. They were friendly looking mustachioed men standing back to back wearing denim shirts and carrying mandolins. Above their hopeful post-John Denver faces the album title read: Things Are Coming My Way. The record, which was a folk record, was made in the valley between two mountain peaks of interest in folk music. Things were coming their way. It struck me as unbelievably funny.  It was like a personal koan. It was the zen of what? Who knew. Things are always coming your way. The innocent assumption that they would be pleasant was written all over their faces. It didn’t make me feel bitter, it made me laugh for real for the first time in months. That AND calling themselves the Fiction Brothers? A rare moment into the mind of the gods.

I’m going to graduate college in several weeks. Things are coming my way. Here are some of my career opportunities—-

Instead of joining the peace corp I will join the Steve Miller Band
air waitress


Airport strip club owner

The off-center arrangement of my potential future places of employment mirrors their structural relationship to my psyche on the astral plain. And I can’t figure out how to control the alignment function.But I did figure out how to put links on the photos!


  1. Hi Vanessa,

    Just stopped by to marvel at the remarkable overlap of interests. Hope graduation goes well …

    I’m cranking up for this term’s paper, probably on the role of the intermediary or outsider in late 19th/early 20th century colonial/postcolonial lit. Which sounds really good if I say it very fast. Now to figure out what it really means!


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