coins, jewels, and delusion

Speaking of The Church of Enlightened Capital…I was wondering which resistance strategy to the mirage of wealth would ultimately work best for me. Really, I think the answer is actual money, or a job or something like that–BUT I have decided to break it into three categories, each representing a potential fantasy relationship to money. Which should I foster? An obsession with coins?

coins. the original poker chip

Coins–the golden rope between mountain hippies and redneck, silver-standard survivalists with w guns, ammo and a complete set of the 1961 Encyclopedia Britanica. Hide the money in the mattress! Or in the wheel well of the van next to the pot! Reverse coins:  S/he who seeks comfort in fantasies of permanent currency is destined to have their world disintegrate.

hope diamond
don't worry it's fake--real diamonds aren't blue

What about jewels? Jewels–the geologic proof that mountain building processes that destroy entire eco-regions and their attendant civilizations often leave behind pretty rubble. Reverse jewel: S/he who seeks solace in jewels may grow jealous of the their longevity.

Or….Delusion? Delusion, linger on the vowels. Delusion is the most facile of all the sings/houses of the financial zodiac. Take for example, this image of the Goddess Freya. Let’s examine it a little more closely…

Freya as gamer holiday

First of all she has large balls of yarn affixed to her head. Second of all, she looks a little like Michele Pfeifer, third of all, and most importantly, WHO IS THE ABU GHRAIB PRISONER BEHIND HER WITH HIS HANDS TIED BEHIND HIS BACK AND THE BLINDFOLD?? There are other lesser questions–why does she have ski poles in hands, is that a mechanical owl peeking out over the top right of her hairdo, and, what could that shield on her hip possibly protect? A small burrow? A bunny? Lunch?  So back to delusion…here she is. She’s all ours.  reverse fortune: S/he who relies on fantasies of power to express themselves may find other fantasies stowed away.

coins, jewels, delusion. When what I really want is money, a nice pair of boots and books.

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  1. I can’t answer any of the larger questions, but the small shield is a buckler, used in hand-to-hand combat.

    But while you’re fantasizing about capital, what about Land?

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