Just another Imperial Gothic….lifestyle

YES, this week more of ZAZEN will be posted on Arthur. Speaking of Heart of Darkness, I have just spent another day annotating a bibliography for a critical history of Heart of Darkness–not because they pay me, not because anyone cares, not because I have anything origial to say, but AS AN ACADEMIC EXERCISE. I need a new pass time. It did occur to me, though,  that the Imperial edges are becoming alarmingly homogeneous. Below is my version of the MMPI. I’ve boiled it down to 3 telling options and one question.

1) Pick Your Leader


healthcare visionary


Hans Christian Anderson and his charming Nightengale


traveling hot tub salesman

5 thoughts on “Just another Imperial Gothic….lifestyle

  1. I’ve never done an annotated bibliography, but have wondered about its potential as a story form. Somewhere between the filmography-footnote in Infinite Jest and the Dictionary of the Khazars, maybe, or maybe in a fully different direction. You say you have three options and a question: is that a question with three options, or is the question not stated?

    Also: rereading this book makes me wish i was a better artist, so i could make icons (the eyeliner saint, the beaded queen). I was looking for rat photos when i found this project. I don’t know quite what i want to make of it. Maybe you will?

  2. The original question was–who would you pick as leader? but then I decided to make it a command. oops. I guess we could say the question was implied? nice rat accessories….ummmm? I’ll have to work them in.

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