the Head of John the Baptist

I spent last night rewriting chapter 8 of ZAZEN (lagerstätte), which is now up on Arthur. It has been pointed out that my copy editing skills could use some work but I wasn’t able to touch it up without second guessing it and rearranging it. Much like Michael Jackson’s face, the “just one more little thing” mentality of rewriting is something to be feared. To those who say I frequently don’t catch typos, you should see me write in GErman. It’s a tragedy.

Regarding the question, what the hell is a lagerstätte…I point you toward a wonderful bit of history, the ever popular (in my head) Solnhofen Limestone.


As for the paper mache Head of John the Baptist made out of the paperwork associated with a personal academic history–well, that needs no explanation.

head of  john the baptist


  1. i liked chapter one. tonight chapter two!!!
    4:30 am? do you have insomnia? i get it often. Kava Kava or less thought. I’m sure what works better for me. anyway, you’re pretty cool!

  2. wait!!!! i didn’t post that at 3:08am or at 4:14am !!! HA HA!!! the computer time on this URL seems to be crazy-time! but crazy-time is excellent time spent.


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