obsessions, self-improvement campaigns, doing what you don’t do well

Okay, did that link work? Aw hell.HEre some more thoughts on all this…

It’s strange to be running into ZAZEN now because  I am  deep in work on another novel. In this one I decided to take all the things that were problematic for me in ZAZEN and only do those things. Which reminded me of a fundamental choice I contend with daily: Is it better to work on what you don;t do well and get better, ferreting out your weaknesses and slavishly harassing them? OR is it better to develop what you do well and pursue it into obsession.   For years my answer was a combination of both–do what you don;t do well AND pursue it into obsession. But then I got better at what I didn’t do well and was still pretty half-baked at what I did well…and it all got very confusing…

Chapter 5 is UP! More to come this week.  Including some kind of blogover (Blog+Makeover).

a man made of pencil lead, courtesy of A5 magazine

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