I was chastised for not posting a link to ZAZEN. I thought I did.  So now it is time to confess my computer ineptness. This is also why I am jailed in this particularly unaesthetic wordpress look–and why I can’t figure out how to post other pieces of permanent material on the useless siding. (look to the left of the this text. look to the right: useless siding). I seem to have a 10 second fuse with computers and photographs, which is why the one above me looks like it does. It was taken on a phone. Stefan Jecusco (amazing musician and the man who did the cover of ZAZEN) says I look like an old sailor. I think I look dour. Anyway….regarding yesterday’s survey…my vote is Effie Briest. Anna Karenina deserved to throw herself in front of a train for her lack of imaginative scope. If Emma Bovary lived today she would be Anna Nichol Smith, or at least have her own reality tv show. Effie, however, dreams she hears the gowns of the dead trailing across the imaginary dancefloor upstairs and has a damn fine sense of sexual immediacy.

I think only I am taking my survey.

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