The first installment of ZAZEN is up on!!

It’s been strange to watch the posts come up on Arthur. I try not to reread them as I send off the pdfs or I would certainly lose myself in another flurry of rewrites. It’s great to see Stefan Jecusco’s Rat Queen cover on Arthur every day though. (For those who don’t know, the Rat Queen is coming…)

And, as promised, I will try to write something every day, or mos at least. I can’t promise it will be of any interest to the world at large but I’ll start with this: of the dead adulteresses, Emma Bovary, Effie Briest, and Anna Karenina who really deserved to live? One? All? I’ll post my vote tomorrow. In the meantime, the first four chapters of ZAZEN are up. Please pass them around to friends.


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